<html><img src="tapes11.png"></html>\n\n"Mh."\n\n[[next|THIRTEEN]]
<html><img src="tapes25.png"></html>\n\nHe frees his hands from his prodding and you hear him peel away a bit of protective paper sheet off of the black cotton tape. He finds the spot again, carefully places the exposed glue side of the tape on.\n\n[[next|TWENTYSIX]]
<html><img src="tapes6.png"></html>\n\n"Aaa oh nooo!!" you hear your victim giggle when you attack his cheeks with kisses.\n\n[[next|SEVEN]]
<html><img src="tapes2.png"></html>\n\nHe hangs his towel to dry on the door.\n\n[[next|THREE]]
<html><img src="tapes4.png"></html>\n\n"Hello!" you smile and kiss.\n\n[[next|FIVE]]
<html><img src="tapes13.png"></html>\n\n<html><h1>TAPES</h1>\n<h2>by <A HREF="http://marrasart.net/">Marras</A></h2></html>\n[[BEGIN]]
<html><img src="tapes22.png"></html>\n\nHe gently rubs his fingers on your sore levator scapulae to feel out where it starts and ends, what angle it goes in, how it's attached to your other anatomy. You can feel the muscle resisting being stretched, wanting to tightly contract instead. Painfully.\n\n[[next|TWENTYTHREE]]
<html><img src="tapes18.png"></html>\n\n"Yes! All clear! Just let me find the muscle again... here? This one, all the way to here?"\n\n[[next|NINETEEN]]
<html><img src="tapes13.png"></html>\n\n"You stick the lower end there in an angle sorta like this, it needs to reach all the way here when it's stretched. The physiotherapist lady said it's something like 10 percent"\n\n[[next|FOURTEEN]]
<html><img src="tapes19.png"></html>\n\n"Yeah, let me get my hair out of the way..."\n\n[[next|TWENTYONE]]
<html><img src="tapes31.png"></html>\n\nHe goes "Awh..." and then rubs your new tape a bit more.\n\n[[next|THIRTYTWO]]
<html><img src="tapesbegin.png"></html>\n\nYou've dried yourself completely when you hear him make a splash in the bathroom, get up, join you in the bedroom.\n\n[[next|ONE]]
<html><img src="tapes28.png"></html>\n\n"I'm pretty bad at this, sorry" he says, watching you do your new tape wiggle. \n\n[[next|TWENTYNINE]]
<html><img src="tapes10.png"></html>\n\n"Then, listen to how it works first, if you mess it up it's messed up for good, it doesn't stick back once it's been on skin, then you rip off the end bit, stick that about... heeere, I think that's it"\n\n[[next|ELEVEN]]
<html><img src="tapes32.png"></html>\n\n"Come on, let's get dressed!" he finally says. \n\n[[next|THIRTYTHREE]]
<html><img src="tapes27.png"></html>\n\nYou stretch and rotate your arm in different directions, roll your neck, wriggle your wrist. It feels better now.\n\n[[next|TWENTYEIGHT]]
helpppp nothing works
<html><img src="tapes1.png"></html>\n\nYou've done your wrists and arms already, black tape forming an upside down cross on them. That's all you're wearing, that and your glasses.\n\n[[next|TWO]]
<html><img src="tapes11.png"></html>\n\n"Here?" he asks, firmly pressing near your shoulder blade. \n\n[[next|TWENTYFOUR]]
<html><img src="tapes9.png"></html>\n\n"First you gotta rip this paper about this far away from both edges, once the edges are rounded off like this. Just sideways, so that it's still attached to the glue."\n\n[[next|TEN]]
<html><img src="tapes8.png"></html>\n\n"See, first put on the long one, and then the short vertical one-- I think. I think it's the long first?"\n\n[[next|NINE]]
<html><img src="tapes15.png"></html>\n\n"After the end bit is taped on, rip off the paper from the long middle bit, stretch it that 10 percent and stick it on. Make sure you don't get your fingers on the glue, if there's any grease on it it won't stay on."\n\n[[next|SIXTEEN]]
<html><img src="tapes13.png"></html>\n\n<html><h1>TAPES</h1>\n<h2>by <A HREF="http://marrasart.net/">Marras</A></h2></html>\n[[BEGIN]]
<html><img src="tapes24.png"></html>\n\n"Anh..!" you hear yourself say. "That's the one". \nThat's definitely the one.\n\n[[next|TWENTYFIVE]]
<html><img src="tapes17.png"></html>\n\n"Then take off the last bit of paper and glue the end bit WITHOUT stretching. And try not to get it in my hair, I've had that happen when I had to do it myself. Okay?"\n\n[[next|EIGHTEEN]]
<html><img src="tapes3.png"></html>\n\nYou brush off the bits of tape and paper off the bed and into the bin to make room for him on it.\n\n[[next|FOUR]]
<html><img src="tapes33.png"></html>\n\nNo point in being sad about the future.\n\n[[next|END]]
<html><img src="tapes21.png"></html>\n\nThe morning sun is bright even from behind the curtains. You patiently keep your pose, holding your hair away from your neck, stretching your neck by letting the weight of your hand and arm pull your head down and to the side. \n\n[[next|TWENTYTWO]]
a {color:#7b5342!important;font-size:100%!important; -webkit-transition: all 0.5s ease;\n -moz-transition: all 0.5s ease;\n -o-transition: all 0.5s ease;\n -ms-transition: all 0.5s ease;\n transition: all 0.5s ease;}\n\na:hover {color:#46271a !important;text-decoration:none !important;font-size:100%!important;} \n\nem {opacity:0.3;}\n\nh3 {float:left;}\n\n#passages{font-size:18px; font-family:'Verdana';\nborder-left: 0px !important; margin:50px 0px 0px 200px !important;color:#f68c81;}\n\nbody {background-color:#ffdaca!important;font-size:120%!important;}\n\n.passage{width: 550px !important; background-color:#ffdaca !important;font-size:120%!important;opacity:1 !important;}\n\n#sidebar #credits:hover{color:#333;visibility:hidden;}#sidebar #credits a{text-decoration:none;visibility:hidden;}\n\n#sidebar {visibility:hidden!important;}\n\n#footer{display:none!important;}\n\n#toolbar{display:none!important;}\n\n
<html><img src="tapes13.png"></html>\n\n"Aha"\n\n[[next|FIFTEEN]]
<html><img src="tapes7.png"></html>\n\n[[next|EIGHT]]
<html><img src="tapes29.png"></html>\n\n"You did well, it sucks doing it myself", you reassure.\n\n[[next|THIRTY]]
<html><img src="tapes30.png"></html>\n\n"I wish you could always do them for me..." you confess wistfully.\n\n[[next|THIRTYONE]]
<html><img src="tapes26.png"></html>\n\n"Rub it a little to heat up the glue, but make sure you don't roll the edges"\n\n[[next|TWENTYSEVEN]]
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<html><img src="tapes11.png"></html>\n\n"Yeah I can feel the muscle here, is this the one"\n\n[[next|TWELVE]]
<html><img src="tapes5.png"></html>\n\nHe smells nice. You surprise him by hugwrestling him down.\n\n[[next|SIX]]
<html><img src="tapes16.png"></html>\n\n"Mom did that mistake when she didn't listen to me when she just started taping and that was a waste of tape."\n\n[[next|SEVENTEEN]]