Invented to help people petrified by monsters with petrifying gaze. After half a large city was attacked by a flock of cockatrice, plenty of people were willing to pay for their family members to be cured, and plenty of victims were available for experiments. Many tried, and many failed. Contrary to common wisdom, the eventual inventor didn't start as a powerful sorcerer, but an alchemist with an interest in geology.

Common mistakes when petrifying a person

- Stone to meat (while considered a failure in depetrifying, popular as a simple scroll spell for adventurers, especially on cave quests or when carrying rations would be difficult. Most common meatified rocks resemble turkey, but drier)
- Stone to meat with organs inside
- Stone to dead
- Stone to flesh, but no sensible internal anatomy
- Stone to flesh, but with flesh hair, flash nails and flesh eyes
- Stone to flesh, but with flesh clothes
- Stone to flesh, but surrounding stone furniture or weapons become a flesh part of the body
- Stone to flesh, but memory lost
- Stone to flesh, but original personality lost or changed

Many sorcerers specialise in stone to flesh spells. Some only manufacture stone to meat spells for adventurers, some specialise in treating cockatrice victims, and some perform what are known as stone surgeries.

Stone surgeries take advantage of a petrified person not feeling pain or bleeding, and the conjoined flesh side effect. Suspicious growths, cursed third arms, unwanted horns or warts can be easily removed or sanded down in petrified state, without leaving any scars when the patient is depetrified. Usually only a part of the patient is locally petrified, unless the scale of the surgery requires full petrification for the safety of the patient. Only qualified experts are allowed to perform these challenging surgeries, but since they have various uses, illegal surgeries are attempted often. These surgeries still very often lead to memory loss, flesh nails, and in the worst cases, death.

It is possible to add to a person's body with stone surgery too. Additions such as wings, tails and extra limbs can be done by joining sculpted parts or parts of other petrified people or life forms to the patient. You can also take advantage of the clothes to flesh effect, and wear a suit crafted to make you seem muscular, get petrified and depetrified again. Despite the crude look, it can actually work.

The same effect caused the famous roaming flesh castle, when a petrified king sitting in his stone throne in a stone castle was incredibly carelessly depetrified, joining all stone into one massive flesh castle king.

There have been fads of depetrified pet rocks, as it is possible to give fleshy life to a rock that never originally lived. Similarly, statues can be brought to life, as the inventor of the original spell found out after successfully depetrifying what he thought was a cockatrice victim, but was in fact a realistic statue of the local goddess of stomach aches. To the city's residents' disappointment the statue didn't end up being like the legendary goddess in any way other than looks, but was actually a regular human being. She had no memories or good control over her nervous system at first, but she was adopted by the temple of stomach aches and was surprisingly well rehabilitated into human life.

At least one epidemic of a previously unknown/nonexistent bacteria has been caused by a stone to flesh spell on fine sand. Since then stone to flesh spells on anything smaller than pebbles are stricly illegal.

Attempts have been made to petrify dead people and then depetrify them into living people, but they either come back dead like they were, or like the goddess statue, effectively as newborn human beings. Traditional resurrection spells are therefore still better, despite their well known problems.


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