Secret Diary
May 2017
2017-05-26 secret zone

I'm putting effort into finding harder thoughts to think about than the ones I've been thinking for the past 20 years and it's surprisingly rare, a lot of it is just new aesthetics to old ideas, and a lot of the time it’s almost like procedurally generated mad libs style idea structures you just plug new words and concepts into.

I’m not saying every thought needs to be profound and novel, but my brain definitely enjoys encountering non-procedural Weird Twitter stuff and new perspectives that work much better than old concepts. Please keep introducing new memes into the thought soup.

2017-05-26 learning things

One of those days where I get this perverse urge to just like, start a blog on weight lifting and early retirement investing.

It's a very odd and specific curse I have.

2017-05-29 impervious
I rebooted my website with new cleaned up code and a secret zone section. It makes me feel kinda powerful and cool having a my own little self-made nook where no one can comment or favorite or reblog anything. I feel like I have wallpapered and decorated a room exactly to my liking. It's cozy.

A lot of the internet in so fast, anxious and stream of thought. It's easy to tweet about something annoying or shocking and reblog an outrageous post on Tumblr or give all the funny ones likes.

Having to type stuff out in a clumsy Notepad++ view and uploading the whole html file on my computer might inhibit the most emotionally reactive activities.